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About Us

What Inspired Us?

During the lockdown period, we realised that not everyone has the chance to obtain one-to-one guidance from teachers on topics that they may struggle with.

Our Aim

We aim to help students who are currently struggling with their academics due to the disruption of classes and lack of access to affordable tuition classes during this challenging time.

Who Are We?

We are a team of Malaysian youths hoping to help SPM students to achieve their best.

How It Works?

Who can apply as tutee?

SPM students (Form 5 will be prioritised)

How many subjects can I sign up for as a tutee?

As many as you wish to (provided we have tutors to allocate for you)

Who can apply as a tutor?

SPM graduate with a minimum grade of A- scored in the subject tutored.

(Note: If you are from other high school syllabus such as IGCSE, you are also welcomed but please be aware that you will be required to tutor based on SPM syllabus)

What does a tutor do?

Delivers online lessons to paired tutee(s) based on the subjects and chapters chosen.

How long is the commitment period for both tutors and tutees?

Every pair will need to carry out at least 4 lessons, and you can choose to continue or leave afterwards. If your paired tutor/tutee leaves, you will be found a new pair.

How do I prepare for my lessons? Where can I get resources from?

Worry not! We have specially curated resources for most of the SPM subjects, and you can utilise them for any of your lessons!

How long would a lesson usually last and how frequent would it be?

This depends on how the tutor and tutee decide, but generally 1 to 2 hours per week.

The Committee

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